Human performance is not just in the gym, your mindset is the key to seeing your human performance in everything you do. Organise, prioritise, challenge and grow in every aspect of your life.

At B2A (Back 2 Action) we deal with all aspects of human performance no matter the person, you could be an elite sportsperson or just want to lose weight and feel healthier.  The biggest change in the person is always the mindset when we align a change in thinking with a focus on performance all goals are within reach.

How do I prepare for success? Firstly we must set goals, they must be realistic and achievable or you damage your self-image and failure will become a habit.

Shape your mindset and you will be well on your way to shaping yourself to succeed.

  1. STEPS: To achieve your goal what needs to happen? Make note of the tasks you need to do to succeed.
  2. RISKS: What’s stopping you, be honest and note all the things that have stopped you achieving this already, separate them from things you can control and things out of your control. For a positive mindset, we need to own what we can control and be prepared for what we cant and find solutions.
  3. MESURES: How is success measured in your goal? This must be clear so you have a defined target in your goal
  4. REWARD: In as much detail possible write what the rewards are, this is a vital step as it gives a vision of the benefits of what you are going to do. If things get tough on the road to achieving your goals this step enforces the reasons to keep going, find solutions and achieve.

Making it real

Now you have a plan how do we make it real? We must attack it every day, we must every day do something to achieve that goal, some goals may have time scales, some are changes to lifestyle or performance that are continuous so we must have a daily focus on what we need to achieve, Carpe diem.

Planning for success will take time management ad no matter your lifestyle you will be planning time for you, time to improve you. This gift to yourself is hugely rewarding to your mental health as it allows you to take stock and prepare for any challenge.

Using the B2A (Back 2 Action) Goal setting and daily planning tool map out your tasks for the day and link them to your goal.

Time for you

Taking control of your time is vital to success as the tasks in your goal require focus but you have a life full of responsibilities now. So, don’t allow time to drift without focus or be stolen on things that are not productive or rewarding.

Set times every day and week when you review what’s going on and recognise your achievements so far and honestly address any issues that have held you back, don’t hold on to the guilt of failure, put more effort into understanding the reasons for failure so you can be aware of them and address them.

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