Raheem Sterling, £49m - are you sure?
nothing B2A Raheem Sterling, £49m - are you sure?

Raheem Sterling, the world is watching. £49m according to many sources was the agreed transfer between Man City and Liverpool, making Sterling the most expensive English footballer of all time. Regardless of age, nationality or ethnicity, when a player goes for such a fee he will face intense scrutiny from fans (especially Liverpool fans like me) and pundits, not to mention the tremendous pressure to perform well and “win things”.

Since the announcement of Sterling Man City caught huge amounts of flak for not only the fee, but also the signing itself. £49m is a huge amount of money and £200k a week for a 20 year old is almost even crazier. Many were saying that he was not good enough to get into the starting 11 and would end up rotting on the City bench. However Raheem Sterling is not Scott Sinclair or Jack Rodwell, he is one of the top talents not just in English football, but European football. He can score goals, is technically gifted, goes past players for fun and is deceptively strong. Sterling is a huge talent with the potential to be a world class player.

With Man City beginning there new season away at West Brom, it was the perfect opportunity to assess the new city number 7’s performance and see if he can prove to the world he can own his fee.

Raheem Sterling v West Brom by dazellyoung

– Video summary of Sterling v West Brom 10/08/2015.

After 4 minutes and 7 seconds, Sterling demonstrated exactly why Man City were so eager to sign him this year. He was a constant threat throughout the game offering as quoted by Vincent Kompany ‘a new tool’; speed that can hurt defenses when City are in defensive activity.

Although still in the early stages of his career at Man City, there seems to be a clear understanding between Sterling and Silva with the pair combining on 38 occasions during the course of the game. However the numbers below highlight the gulf and class between the two players and what Sterling will hope he can achieve on a regular basis.

10:08:2015 Sterling v West Brom Data

  • Passes: 50, 86% Success
  • Take-ons: 3, 33% Success
  • Shots: 2, 100% Accuracy
  • Chances Created: 0
  • Goals: 0

10:08:2015 Silva v West Brom Data

  • Passes: 95, 95% Success
  • Take-ons: 2, 100% Success
  • Shots: 4, 25% Accuracy*
  • Chances Created: 4
  • Goals: 1

*two shots were blocked shots*

For more information on the player data please click the links above.

Described as ‘the complete striker’ by Manuel Pellegrini which seems to be a little premature. Finishing is certainly an aspect of Sterling’s game that needs improvement. After being put clean through 1v1 with Boaz Myhill following an excellent through pass from Silva, Sterling could only manage to shoot directly into the exposed goalkeepers hands, when scoring seemed easier.

Sterling may well turn out to be a worthwhile deal for Man City, but unless he improves his goals scoring record of one goal every 391 minutes, and not reaching a double figure goal tally, there will always be a question mark surrounding him. However Sterling is in a team that possesses enough quality to help him achieve his potential.

Silva, Aguero, Sterling (SAS) Watch this Space.

Written by Dazell Young


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